A small resort featuring a spectacular view of Oranje Bay and only a minute walk to the beach. Operated more as a semi-private villa catering to our hotel guests exclusively for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is served to our hotel guests and the public from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., reservations required.

There is an "honor bar" available to our guests and the pool and spa are reserved for guests only.

Each room has its own fridge and cable t.v. as well as balcony. Some rooms are also air conditioned, although it's seldom needed.

Animal lovers are especially welcome at Kings Well.

Oranje Bay is an incredible snorkeling bay. All types of reef fish use it as a breeding bay and the Flying Gunnard, once thought to be extinct, breeds here.

St. Eustatius (often called Statia) has many pleasures for our guests. From beautiful sunsets and fantastic diving and snorkeling to a rich rain forest (without dangerous snakes) as well as a thrilling history with an excellent museum to share with visitors.

Perhaps one of the most valued treasures is the people of this lovely island. Their smiles and gentle nature make you feel you belong. There is no reason to lock your hotel room door or your car.

The weather is apt to spoil you. There is always a cool breeze if you get too hot hiking, just go under a tree and cool off. The humidity is always low due to our ocean breeze. In case someone overdoes the sun, we grow lots of aloe and share it with our compliments.

Statia will is liable to spoil you for other vacation islands. We came for day trip 23 years ago and left our hearts. Hope you do the same...

Kings Well is an animal lovers paradise - we have macaws, iguanas, cats and last, but not least, our Great Danes, Sam & Sasha...

Win & Laura
Kings Well Resort
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